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Singapore Airlines launches new Sydney – Jakarta flights

Sep 28, 2016 No Comments by

Singapore Airlines has announced it will launch new services from Singapore to Sydney via Jakarta, Indonesia. The new flights will take effect from 23 November 2016 and will operate thrice weekly using two class Boeing 777-200 ER aircraft. The airlines will have full traffic rights on all sectors including the Indonesia Australia sector. The Sydney […]

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QANTAS set to close Brisbane call centre on 14 June 2016

Feb 25, 2016 No Comments by

The QANTAS call centre in Brisbane is set to close on 14 June 2016, meaning Hobart will be the sole call centre located in Australia for the airline. Approximately 150 remaining staff are affected by this closure. They have been left without any concrete date for closure for quite some time. The closure of the […]

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Australian international cabin crew gain “Yes” vote majority in an historic move

Nov 27, 2014 No Comments by

In what is possibly a world first Australian international cabin crew have successfully gained a “Yes” majority vote by way of a plebiscite aimed at making the cabin crew union that represents them more accountable to their needs. International long haul cabin crew in Australia, particularly in one of major Australian carriers, have been frustrated […]

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Alan fiddles while QANTAS “burns”

Dec 17, 2013 No Comments

Ancient Empires represented strength and resilience, something that is indestructible and that will last forever. History has shown many times over that is not the case, even the most stable Empires can disappear or die away. Sometimes through negligence, hostility or environmental factors beyond one’s control. Sometimes it’s a combination of all of those.  One […]

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The challenges facing QANTAS with its multi division cabin crew structure.

Nov 18, 2013 No Comments

QANTAS International Sydney based “legacy” cabin crew were informed last week that up to 140 crew would need to move Brisbane or fly on exclusively on the carrier’s Airbus A380 services. The news was communicated by Ms Alison Webster, Executive Manager International Customer Experience at Qantas. The justification according to management is the need to […]

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Airline Crew Resource Management Systems

Oct 22, 2012 No Comments

Airline Crew Resource Management Systems and its Applications – by Airline Hub Buzz © 2007 Introduction and Background  The resources of an organisation, in particular the human resources, can be viewed as the critical ‘driving force’ which makes the organisational operational. The aircrew of an airline are vital and integral components and the effective management […]

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