747-8i – First month of revenue service – possible new orders?

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Boeing’s new flagship the latest variation of the original “jumbo jet”, the 747-8 Intercontinental, has been in revenue service with Lufthansa for just on a month.  Whilst the program has been highly successful for the cargo version, sales have been slow for the passenger version. This is set to change with Turkish Airlines announcing its […]

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A warm welcome to the  new Airline Hub Buzz dedicated website! What started as a simple curiosity in learning to use Facebook in late November 2010 has now grown into a community of almost 3000 people. Thanks to you support and feedback, I think it was time to start a website. For those familiar the […]

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Airlines and outsourcing: is it really a financial saving or an actual longer term costly mistake?

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AN AIRLINE HUB BUZZ ORIGINAL ARTICLE – (C) 2012 Introduction and Background Organisations are continuously evaluating ways in which they can obtain operational and organisational efficiencies whilst simultaneously achieving some form of cost reduction. The concept of outsourcing may allow organisations to more effectively achieve their strategic objectives by transferring some or all of their […]

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